About Us

Lake Tomahawk ATV / UTV Club

Club History

The Lake Tomahawk ATV/UTV Club beginnings were dated back to Saturday November 4, 2017. There was an informal "Board" Meeting about how to establish the club, get member interest, club name, logo, etc. Thanks to the "founding fathers" and their Kick Off Party on 5/19/2018 the Club was able to move forward with it's Club Goals & Mission. Many hurdles have been taken head on since the early beginnings. Much work was done by Barbara Spears and Troy Kulick early on to get the Town of Lake Tomahawk on board with opening Town Roads. This included much research, attending many meetings and preparing a Town Survey so that the Club could determine how important this was to the people that lived, breathed and worked here. Since, roads have been opened, a trailhead was designated and multiple hours have and continue to go into trails and routes in our area. The Club developed it's first route map in 2021-2022. Lake Tomahawk ATV/UTV Club is a non-profit ATV/UTV club. It's main purpose is to build our membership and fundraising to support our mission.

Our Mission:

  1. Create a forum for ongoing communication with national, state and local governments and officials, private land-owners and other ATV/UTV Clubs and Associations;
  2. Promote safe and responsible ATV/UTV use that portrays positive public image of the recreational activity and sport;
  3. Sponsor civic activities that help promote community;
  4. Provide educational opportunities and reference materials to ensure sport enthusiasts are aware environmental impacts;
  5. Hold club functions and ATV/UTV rides for pleasure and to promote responsible and safe riding.

Club Meetings

Our club holds its monthly meetings on the last Wednesday of the month. We meet at 6:00 pm at different business associate members establishments.  All are invited to attend.  See the "Calendar" for meeting locations.

Board of Directors